Tuesday, August 12, 2014

...who is grateful for brighter days?

Yes. Nights can be dark. Very, very dark.

But there is another side...

After the darkest of nights the sun ALWAYS shines again. 
The light always breaks through the stormiest of clouds.
Breathing becomes easier, living becomes possible, peace becomes real, and joy attainable.
Grace is offered, strength is granted, and patience is renewed.

And this is where I live much of the time. On this other side.

Our days are filled with the silliness that exists in a household of five where four are minors...
We work together, feeling the satisfaction of performing normal duties and creating a peaceful haven of safety in our home.
We support each other through our most difficult tasks, helping where we can.
We shop together, often finding things Daddy would have liked. 
We eat out together, sometimes talking about what Daddy would have ordered.
We go places together, often remembering the last time we were there with Daddy.
We learn together, wishing Daddy were here to help us with new challenges.
We pray together, remembering Daddy's faithfulness to pray for our family and others.
We play together, enjoying some of the same activities Daddy did.
We attend church together, missing hearing Daddy sing the hymns beside us. 

We never forget. But we do not dwell on the sad moments. We cannot.
We live because Michael wanted us to. 
We live because we must. 
We live because we want to.
We remember the best of times and keep them close to our hearts.
We cherish Michael and all he was to us. 
We will never forget. 

Michael would be amazed at the strength his children have shown.
He would be proud of the maturity they have exhibited.
He would be impressed by the things we have learned, the new experiences we have enjoyed.
He would be awed by what we have accomplished individually and as a family.

And he would be aware, as we are, that all of this has come about because of the 
                                      grace of our Father!  

I know I continue to come back to that truth, but once again, I sincerely state that it's true
Jesus is the reason we are who we are and where we are in this journey. I'll repeat it with conviction until the day I, too, exchange this world for the eternal one. 
And it will work for you, too! 

That same grace will be there for you when God calls you to face a difficult task!
That same strength will enable you to accomplish much more than you ever dreamed possible! 
That same faithfulness will uphold you when you face your darkest nights!
That same love will surround you when your heart is shattered and crushed!

Stay grounded in God's Word, stand firm on those promises, pray about everything, and rest....
God IS and that's all we need to know.

Reveling in the brightness of God's mercy,

P.S. Those dark nights? Well, they come around kind of often. But this song also comes to mind often and I hold on tightly to the thought that someone out there is praying me through (click link to hear song).  I know there have been many who have carried our family in prayer, and some that have even been awakened from sleep with us on their minds for prayer. If you have been a part of that team, I thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you! The above post couldn't have been written without your faithfulness to follow those Spirit promptings...the brighter days would be few and far between without that support. May God bless you richly for your care and kindness! 

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