Wednesday, November 21, 2012

...who is overwhelmed during this time of year?

Yes, I am often overwhelmed at the thoughts that pass through my head of tasks to be completed, parties to attend, gifts to purchase, food to be prepared, traditions to be observed, decorations to be placed, people to please....yeah, that. 


That's not exactly what I meant by the question in the post title.  I am referring to the feeling of being overwhelmed by the blessings God has seen fit to send my way. 

Like these.

I am so blessed by the gift God has given me in the plan of salvation; by the hope of a home in heaven, and eternity spent in the light of His gracious presence....

I am so blessed to have my husband here with me, by my side, teaching my children, loving me, still working, still fighting...

I am so blessed by my children.  They are growing, and changing, and learning, and loving, and becoming wonderful young people whose lives shine for Jesus wherever they go.  They fill my heart with sweet memories and moments of laughter, plus they keep me humble and asking for wisdom from above! 

I am so blessed by God's provisions:
  • Financially - He has never let us down! Even though Michael has had to miss much work, we have had every need met!  God has been so faithful to prompt hearts even before the need arises.
  • Spiritually - So many have prayed for us, so many have cared for us, so many have ministered to us in so many ways!  Several dear folks have even reached out to me specifically.  And I want to give a special shout-out to one of my life-savers, my Stephen Ministry care-giver.  What a blessing and gracious mentor she has been to me!  She has helped keep my focus on God and has encouraged my heart again and again...
  • Emotionally - This category is similar to the one above, but different in some way.  I can't express how grateful I am to the ones who have taken time to listen to my heartaches and helped cheer me on those toughest of days.  Sometimes it is through a hug, sometimes a text, sometimes a Facebook message, sometimes phone call, but however these expressions of support take form, they are much appreciated and valued. 
  • Physically - This takes more than one form, the first being my home!  What a beautiful blessing beyond what I ever expected!  God has been so good to give us a home that exceeded our expectations!  Obviously, this also refers to having enough to eat, and plenty of clothes to wear, but beyond that, I'd also like to mention how God has blessed me with strength when I thought I had none left...and the ability to go on even when I felt I could not.  He's kept me from getting sick when I should have been.  He's held me up when I felt I could not stand on my own.  I've been so blessed by His tender, loving care.....
 I am blessed with some gracious, loving, forgiving, caring, praying, and otherwise wonderful friends!  If I've dumped on you in some way in the past two and a half years, you are more than likely counted in that group!  So many have cared deeply for our situation and my life as well as Michael's and I cannot express enough gratitude for that care....Some of you I have met only recently, some of you I've known "forever" - but each of you has been used by God in some way in my life.  Thank you for being willing tools in His hands.

I am blessed with marvelous family members who just really don't know how to stop giving!  Their love keeps on giving and giving, and they seem to never run out of reasons to do so. 

I am blessed with God's loving patience.  He has taught me so much.  He has been so incredibly longsuffering with this slow learner, and He has brought so much light across my pathway.  He has given me much, and it seems He is also requiring much.  But in that act of requiring much, He also provides much guidance and grace. 

Sometimes I feel set aside from "ministry" - but He is showing me my true ministry lies within the walls of my home for now.  There I am needed, and there, I am so very, very blessed....

Are you overwhelmed with your blessings, too?  If not, take a few moments to think of where you COULD be, if not for the grace and blessing of our Heavenly Father....and let your heart be blessed!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! But remember, every day is a good day to GIVE THANKS!!

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  1. Set aside from ministry? You!? Hardly. You've ministered to me over and over again, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. You're ministering in a more powerful way than you can imagine.