Sunday, December 2, 2012

...who wishes people had more faith in others?

Why is it that people always seem to assume the worst about others?  Yesterday I experienced another situation where someone made assumptions years ago and was never made aware of the facts, thus, they still assume those same things today.  Not only that, but they have interpreted other actions of our family in LIGHT of the false assumptions they've held all these years.  We left the situation believing that no matter what we say or do, we will never be able to overcome the reputation we have with that family.  Why could these folks not assume that we had the BEST of intentions?  Why could they not remember that they do NOT have all the facts thus cannot truly interpret our motives from a limited knowledge of our actions? 

And where is their faith in us?  In me?  And why does it hurt so much to find this out? 

Lord, please help me to remember my pain when I am tempted to make harsh judgments regarding the actions of others....especially when I do not have all the facts.  And I know the truth will win out in the end, but it seems like that might not prove true in this situation, so I guess I'll have to be comforted in the fact that You alone know our hearts and minds.  And You are the ultimate judge...

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