Sunday, September 9, 2012

...who feels inadequate at putting feelings into words?

Here is an attempt at expressing a few of the thoughts I've had over the past few months...years...

My heart is so heavy today.
The causes or reasons
          I choose not to explain.
We each have a mountain to climb...
         You...and me...
They may be different
          But both are mountains just the same.

It takes more strength than I have on my own
To even face that mountain...
         Let alone climb it.

         I do not want the mountain.
         I hate the mountain.


I love the God Who made that mountain
         And gave it to me.
He made it...
         Not with my abilities or strengths in mind
         But with His own
               glorious love,
                     tender care,
                            and powerful, burden-bearing
                                    everlasting arms.

You cannot climb your mountain in your own strength.
I am not even sure I can help you.
My own task daily overwhelms my senses
         And takes my breath away.


I can ask God to be to you all that He has promised He would be!
         I can cheer you on!
                  I can celebrate with you in your victories!
                           I can love you as others have loved me!
                                    I can share with you how God has blessed me!

God has blessed me to be a blessing.
He has granted me one more breath...
          one more moment with my family...
                    one more gorgeous sunset to enjoy...
                              one more day to try again...
         and the strength to take
                                    up the side of my mountain.


  1. This is so beautiful!! I read it with tears in my eyes knowing the pain you are facing and seeing your perseverance through the trial. You are truly and inspiration to others. I am blessed to know you,

  2. Beautiful post, Shawna. You've done all of those things for me...even while suffering so much yourself. Beautiful blog, beautiful author. Love you!

  3. You two are very kind. Thank both mean a lot to me.

  4. Love this. Just now getting to read your blog. (No internet access unless I borrow a device.)

    I like what you said about not being sure you would be able to even help someone else. I think very often I try to fix problems for other people instead of asking God to do that. I try to "be Jesus" by taking on His job. And I quickly get overwhelmed and bottom-out. Instead I need to be there for people but trust God to deal with things. The way you said this is a good way for me to remember.